Weathering the Autumn Air


Some folks head to the tropics,
others will will take a cruise,
for some, Disneyland is the hot topic,
for us?  A quaint beach house in the off-season is what we choose!

In all actuality, my husband and I share an Equinox birthday.
A day to greet the new fall season!
What better way to celebrate than to go explore the seasonal changes on the coast?
with our kids?  and our pets?
and treasure all the gifts that the Good Lord has provided us with!


5 (of our 6) kids came on the adventure with us!


The first few days we weathered the storms…


… yet, as always, we found things to do.
We looked at shells, observed small, smooth stones,
and batted rocks into the ocean.

Wild Life:


We researched Sanderlings, the small groups of sea birds,
that flock inches over the shore line,
following the wave lines as they stroll in.

Jellyfish, snails, and deer were also easy access to view



Our afternoons were filled with beach activities!


(Each day the weather cleared up just a little more.)
Walks along the shore.
Flying kites.
Playing baseball.



We spent our evenings playing games!
Skip bo, Sorry, Trouble, Rummy, Yahtzee,
and a Twister Tournament!


Our favorite game, by far, was…
Hide-n-Go Seek in-the-dark.
Admittedly, I was pretty good at it.  *hee*

Our Last Night:


Life doesn’t get much better than this!
Family, joy, peace, love, hope,
a God who loves us beyond our flaws and blesses us with His Glory.


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