Weekly Wrap Up #4, 5, & 6 ~ It’s been busy


Lesson are going pretty smoothly.
Consistent for the most part,
with a few activities thrown in.

Andrew (pictured above) & I sit in the reading corner for his reading lessons.  He is wrapping up this book.  He is excited to begin independent work.  He will have a reading lesson from McGuffey 2nd reader each day (read aloud to me) and can do his silent reading, math, and copywork by himself.  Oh boy, he is not longer a “little”.  This has been quite a journey to get to this point and I am so proud of him!


Bryson prefers to do his lessons in our dining room.
Last year he pretty much quit school, ha ha…
and voila, randomly this year, right before we began our new school year,
he decided he liked school.  His goal is to get done with his 100 Reading Lessons.  Bryson remembers what a big deal it was for Andrew to get through his 100 reading lessons (never mind it took 3 tries through the book) last year.  We had a party for Andrew, Bryson opted to want to go bowling instead.


Katie-girl opted to test through her current math book over the week end and due to the extremely low error rate is moving on to the next math book.  She’s my one that likes this kind of motivation and now is devouring her math much unlike last year’s aversion to it!  What can I say?  She keeps me guessing!


TJ, after 17 yrs, finally gets his own room!  Well, sort of…
Echo thinks he still needs to share!
I don’t think she helps much with his algebra though.


We’ve been studying the State of Israel for a few weeks now.
With everything going on in the middle east, I figure it was best to revisit the history leading up to current events.

Science Extras:

The kids have been watching our Moody Institute of Science videos lately.
I am a bit surprised at how well my youngest pays attention to it.
He is always pondering questions later on it.
This weeks focus was about our blood and circulatory system.

Other Activities of our Week(s).

Tiny Tot School:


We get this sweet little girl 2 days a week now,
and Katie is loving to learn how to teach her things.
TINY TOT school is always fun!

We have Little Adelaide on Mondays and Fridays.
When she goes down for a nap,
Katie sets up a small table near her,
and does her math and reading while this little one sleeps.



We had extra friends over one day and we learned about plant life.
Sometimes activities are just more fun with friends!


The leaves labeled the four things that plants need to grow.

Homeschool Tutoring:


TJ (on right) and I go hang out with this guy on Monday afternoons!
I help set up lesson plans for Shane to do during the week,
and evaluate his progress.  On Mondays we do poetry,
and science related experiments together.

Family Connections:

Gma M park day

Some of the boys and I spent an afternoon with Aunt Chanelle and Grandma M.
It was a lovely afternoon.  We don’t see Chanelle as often,
but we need to make visiting Grandma M a weekly event;
just haven’t found the rhythm for it yet.

Our goal this school year is to be more intentional with our activities and choices.
I think we are off to a decent start. 

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