Weekly Wrap Up #3- Getting into our Rhythm


I pulled out our planners for the youngsters,
along with their McGuffey Readers,
and they began their reading, writing, and spelling this week.

Bryson (6) is still continuing his reading lesson in 100 Easy Lessons, but we are also applying McGuffey Readers as he is very interested in reading currently.  Writing (penmanship) on the other hand is a stretch yet.  Thus, in the photo above (using a spelling lesson ie word family, long a sound, ~ay), I actually write out the majority of the lesson.  The actual lesson is to first create your own words (which at age 6 is minimal yet, but he is catching on that they all rhyme *smile*), then once he is stuck, I give him the sound to write down, and he figures out what it says.

Thus ~ay becomes day, say, pay (done on his own) and I gave him sound blends such as pl, st, str (play, stay, stray).
It was a big stretch for him, yet a perfect rhythm for Andrew (3rd grade).


While Bryson is going through 100 Easy Lessons and the McGuffey Primer,
Andrew began this book ^ and the McGuffey 2nd Reader.
The book pictured above is one written by the same author as 100 Easy Lesson.
I found the book simply reinforces reading skills before Andrew moves on to “real” books.


In other events of our week,
our friend, Ethan (5), stayed with us for the week while his parents took a trip to Ireland.
He just flowed along with our days.  It was great!
Ethan played on his own while the boys did their reading, writing, and math,
then they did table time (ie puzzles, paint, etc).
In the photo above they are playing with apple-spiced play dough.  *Mmmm* smells good!!

IMG_2878[1] IMG_2850[1]

Then we did a seasonal craft each day,
along with a journal entry,
thus making a book by the end of the week.


All our activities were followed by Quiet Time.
Oh yes we did, we added quiet time to our days,
quite successfully I might add.
Everyone finds their quiet spot for 1 whole, glorious hour.

IMG_2855[1] IMG_2857[1]

Katie-girl (7th grade) continues her weekly sketches.  These are week 2 and week 3.

TJ (senior) was able to check off items on his Home Maintenance List as he spent a whole day helping someone rebuild a deck.

Over all my older kids work smoothly through their independent work.

Homeschooling is kinda cool like that.  Gotta love it!


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