The Blessings of Independence Day

We still have freedoms!

There’s a lot going wrong with our country lately,
and I won’t drag in those political view right now;
however, we still have some freedoms left!

The Right to bear arms.
The Right to homeschool.
The Right to have what ever sized family you want!

I feel so blessed lately with our family and holidays.

4th of July group photo

Everyone shows up!
Our six kids!
One son’s girlfriend, and our daughter-in law!
My 3 nephews!
Often an adopted big kid or two!
Makes my heart full of JOY! 

4th of July football
We tend to be a bit festive for some holidays!
Football anyone?


or maybe futbol?

4th of July the men

My brother-in-law (on left) rocked the smoker this year with bacon-topped ribs!!  Yumm!


while my little sissy and I got to visit and giggle a lot!

4th of July drawing lessons

Katie-girl got some drawing lessons from Kailynn (Nick’s girl),
which I think is super cool since she’s a very talented young lady who has been going to college for Art Therapy.


Our oldest son and his wife are always a joy to have join us!

4th of July Lyndsey and Preston
Then these 2 showed up at our house when we got home,
which completed our family day with all of our kids!


And as we continue to pray for our great nation,
may God bless you…
and may God bless America!


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