Our Journey with Adopted Big Kids continue…

I would like you to meet our newest adopted big kid…


Meet Lyndsey! 
She is on the left with our Katie-girl.

I love the way God puts young people in our path to mentor and guide.
Sometimes it has been a difficult journey, one where you pour out your time, efforts, and heart, yet we just can’t quite reach them.  Their walls are built and we just can’t get through.  I like to think that we some how plant a seed of grace in there, and somewhere down the path it will get watered by another loving soul who will reach out to them also.

However, the past few years we have been very blessed to see the prosperity in the power of simply loving on others.


Justin lived with us back in Nov 2011- June 2012 to wrap up his senior year in high school.
He loved to cook for us, and was always willing to play games with the kids.


Preston (on right) lived with us for a year (Aug 2012-Aug 21013),
after he had graduated from high school.
He wanted to be closer to his job while he was going to college.

4th of July Lyndsey and Preston

Preston and Lyndsey are getting married in August.
We are blessed enough for her to stay with us while she prepares for the wedding.
I have to admit she is probably the quietest, cleanest roommate Katie will ever have!
Lyndsey has been with us for over a month now,
and although she seems to work a lot,
I think we will have lots of fun this summer!

I am so grateful to be there for others;  that I have spent these many years being a stay-at-home mom that allows me the freedom and flexibility to love on others.

Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.
Romans 12:13


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