Summer Beginnings


It’s just about over, and time flew by!


Father’s Day was great because the dad did his own BBQ!
Yummy for us!  and all the kids were here too!


We had beautiful weather overall and this would be our first day of sunburns for the season.


The kids and I have spent 2 weeks helping decorate the church in preparation for our VBS.
Doesn’t TJ look excited on top of that ladder?  I think it was me taking his picture that he wasn’t thrilled about.  ha!


Let’s not forget the World Cup Games!!
Nick takes soccer very seriously!
Doesn’t he look like he would fit in the crowd for the USA?

Summer is off to a busy, but fun start!

We have also attended a graduation party and a bridal party.
Went to our local summerfest where Katie got to do one of her dance routines.
I spent a week end at a Homeschool Conference to encourage the Self-Learning concept,
along with beginning to plan out next years lessons for homeschool.
In the mean time, I blinked and now it is just about July!

So, how did your June go?  Got plans for July yet?


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