L.I.F.E. Academy~ End-of-the-school-year Craziness.

I am a very methodical and structured kind of person.  I like my plans.
Heck, I like planning to plan my plans!  Did you follow that?
It’s ok, I understand if you didn’t.  *smile*

So imagine my surprise this last quarter when nothing went how I planned it.
In fact, it was so scattered that we simply stopped our book work a month early.
Yep, done.  I am not a fan of homeschool burn out.  It’s never necessary.

We haven’t even reviewed stuff for state testing.
I figure either they know it, or they don’t, eh?
I’ll be sure to share the results later…
Oh wait, I don’t usually share the results do I?
Tests don’t define knowledge, nor the wisdom in how to apply it,
but we knew that already, right?

So what have we been doing this month?


Katie has been working on creative healthy snacks for the boys.


We have gone on nature walks.


Played many games.


Watch this cute-patootie on Fridays.


Continued piano lessons…


as Katie-girl gives lessons of her own.

Katie also continued practicing her braiding skills.
(yes, that’s my head)


Big brother is giving truck & tire lessons to Bryson…

IMG_1883[1] IMG_1884[1]

while Andrew observes small bugs.

We’ve also celebrated 3 birthdays;
(Bryson, 6; TJ, 17, & Grandpa Paul) and Mother’s Day.

Dance came to a close as Katie’s recital was a week ago;
however, she is still student teaching til the end of the month.

We also had an unexpected tragedy this month and my favorite uncle died.
That’s some sad stuff.


Additionally, we’ve had some nice weather to enjoy the river and parks in our area.

Our science co op, Wednesday school, and Stepping Stones church night are all coming to a close next week…

Then I can finally say our school year has came to an end.

Yay for summertime!! 

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