All about Birds


Nature Study- We are loving our Reading & Nature Nook.

We sit, we watch, we listen.
So many sounds to hear!

wuk wuk wuk wuk (Red-breasted Sapsucker aka woodpecker)
a rapid tweet tweet tweet (a chestnut backed chickadee)
who-who-who (dove – ok, so it’s said that they ‘coo’, but it sounds more like a hyper owl to me)
a rapid cheep cheep cheep cheep (Stellar Jay)
cheer up-cheer up-cheer up (American Robin)
chitter, chirp, chirp, chirp (a female Allen’s hummingbird)



We explore.

We took the time to check our wee part of the woods for nettles and poison oak.
We look to be all clear!  Yay!



Katie-girl is beginning her nature photo journalist hobby.  *smile*


Think maybe it’s time to buy a lawnmower?
I think spring sprung on us!

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