L.I.F.E. Academy- 4th quarter begins…


Our classroom is set up!

Do I look a little whiteboard happy?  HA! 

Well, they are all useful, anyways.

The medium whiteboard has daily assignments on it for the big kids;
currently going through Benjamin Franklin’s Poor Richard Almanac,
wrapping up our constitution study by going through the Bill of Rights,
and beginning our Early American studies for some college prep.

The big board will eventually become full (it’s a new quarter ya know);
we will list history notes on there, plus add some French and Spanish lessons to it.

The little white easel board is, well, for the littles.


A fabulous mom shared this idea from “Mommy Garden” facebook page.
She had this on paper, however, due to my kinder’s lack of school interest *ahem, read here*,
I found it useful to put all his school work from his reading and math lessons onto the white board.

The purple lesson is literally from his reading lesson from Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.
However, I “call it” his “sounds of the day“, “his words of the day“, and “his sentence of the day“.
Add the math, viola, lessons are complete.  Then lo and behold, the rest of the day consist of this:


…reading books at his own interest and leisurely time


…and pulling out random activities to keep himself busy.

Our Reading Nook/Nature View area

IMG_1654[1] IMG_1655[1]

and our nature study area…


which is also our view from our school table!


So far we’ve seen a deer, a squirrel, 2 red-headed woodpeckers,
an amazing blue jay, and tons of unidentifiable birds as of yet.
The sounds of nature are the most incredible, I must admit!

We are loving our little place in the woods! 

4 thoughts on “L.I.F.E. Academy- 4th quarter begins…

  1. Your school room is beautiful Sherri 🙂 You helped me with my homeschooling when our house burned down years ago 🙂 I will never forget how special that was. You bought us a new printer 🙂
    Yahweh bless you in all you do. Your family is beautiful. You are inspiring 🙂

      1. You are a blessing, very much. I have had quite a bit of changes. I’m now a single mom. I still have my 15 yr old home with me and my 17 yr old and my other three are all grown up. Still homeschooling of course 🙂 I’ve been homeschooling 18 yrs now. Isn’t it wonderful ! I see your love and joy homeschooling your children, and I love the energy I feel reading your post about your homeschooling 🙂 I think you love it as much as me LOL
        Praise Yahweh! We need more moms like that in the world 🙂 Just think how different our society would be if the children had Moms who loved and taught them at home and brought them up in the admonition of the LORD, instead of institutions where the parents have delegated their job to people they hardly know, with who knows what religion and world view.

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