Takin’ Care of Mama~ slow, but steady progress.

Week 5!

I am finally starting to feel alive.


Actually, it was a rough start to the week.  Chanelle and I bumped our hill-walking game from 4.3 miles per day to 4.8.
Up until this point, we were adding a mile per week, so obviously this was a slower increase.
The first day at 4.8 lead us to a much steeper incline, and my legs weren’t happy.
Thankfully, throughout the next few days they seemed to adjust.

Rainier hills

This is our view at our mid-level point up the hills of Rainier, Oregon.
Clear, but overcast this particular day.

Weekly Progress

Miles complete this week:  23.4
Inches lost: -4
Weight lost: -4


Better food choices = less quantities of junk food.
I am not creative w/ healthy foods, so coming up with a reasonable meal beyond salad seems difficult at this point.
Confession:  I did go out for frozen yogurt… twice!


Fruit of the Spirit focus-of-the-week:


Just do it!
Just walk.  Just eat your greens.  Just face those emotions.
Just pray.  Just get ‘er dun!

Your love, oh Lord, reaches to the heavens,
your faithfulness stretches to the skies.
Psalm 36:5

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