Spring Break- week 1

Fun in the every.day.ness of life!

What is it about setting aside school work to just enjoy life?

We never have big ideas or trips planned,
but rather we just embrace being (to exist).

Here is our random, but fun-to-us week:

Being Outside!


Explored our new neighborhood…


and went puddle-jumping!


We checked out our local park,
and wandered the river shore.

Media-Free Play Time:

Trouble, Chess, Spot it, and Uno Attack were the top games of the week.


Leggo houses and Lincoln log homes were built,
Tinker toys were rummaged through, as were our basic large foam blocks.


Color and drawing;
TJ helped Bryson with his poster,
and Katie worked alongside Andrew drawing cartoon characters.

Then of course we had to have a “character” day to follow that up…


Bryson chose to be Anakin Skywalker
(with the dark “cape”)
and Andrew decided to be…
TPB!  (toilet paper boy).
Don’t ask, I still don’t know myself.  ;^)
but they had fun playing around and “battling”.

Other Activities:

Katie randomly began to read To Kill a Mockingbird,
and can’t put the book down.

TJ helped Dad put brakes on his truck.

Andrew cleaned the house as a surprise for me!
(How cool is that?!)

Bryson began his own self-taught style of reading…
like reading the Bob books,
reading lightswitches (on/off) just to tell me we live in the backwards house because when the light switch says Off the light is really On,
recognizes that No is the opposite of On,
reads Press on the car seatbelt, then asks how to spell Yes,
only to question why one has 2 s’s and the other only has 1
(who thinks of these things, especially at age 5?)
Well, at this rate, he isn’t going to need reading lessons, eh?

TJ went on a 3 mile hill walk with me.

The young boys have began to ride their bikes around the house;
and with living in the woods, let’s just say it’s a muddy mess.


what do YOU do for Spring Break,
especially when you don’t have any plans?

One thought on “Spring Break- week 1

  1. We don’t have Spring Break, but I am *thrilled* that Katie’s loving TKaMockingbird! Tony and I both love that book.

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