L.I.F.E. Academy- to the end of winter


Our 3rd Quarter Ends

It certainly has been more about adventure in our little place in the woods.

running trails, building forts, riding bikes around the house…
seeing deer, observing birds, noticing a squirrel…
finding lilies, discovering strange pine cones,
and noticing that the moss isn’t only on the north side of the trees.


…and squeezing in porch picnics when we can.
and just to clarify that picnic, why yes, yes that is a graham cracker w/ peanut butter topped with fruit loops.  Who says you can’t have fun at snack time?


In all honesty, we’ve had a fun winter term.  We did get some reading and math done.  We were a little light on the writing with the older kids, but I am pleased that the younger boys have had some consistent learning, especially considering the transition of the move and all.  Most certainly, I am not as organized as I usually am, and that’s ok… for now.  *smile*  We should be back at our regular scheduled program in about 2 weeks!

Spring Break… here we come…

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