Kindergarten = Life School

One of the many journeys of L.I.F.E Academy is to adapt as necessary.


I have a kindergartener.

He was use to a table of friends (and a brother) who use to join us for “table” time;
which is simply copywork, phonics, math, and a craft or activity.

Well, then we moved… to the woods.
Now the child has decided he hates school (ba ha).

But mom has been at this whole homeschool thing much longer than he has been alive…


Mom:  “oh, we are not doing school this week. We get to play!” *cheesy grin*
Bryson: ” woo hoo”
note: no whining, no falling on the floor, no rolling his eyes.

I read, and just happen to ask him to help me out with a word once in awhile.
He reads better than I thought, go figure.
We are also adding Scrabble Slam to our day.  *excellent phonic resource btw.

chalkboard messages,
playing w/ shaving cream on a cookie sheet,
letter to a buddy (that he chose to write).

Literature read aloud
The Boxcar Children

addition war (card game),
skip counting the stairs (working on our 2’s),
reviewing shapes from the game Perfection,
and using a clipboard to tally and compare items around our house
(windows vs doors)(cedars, firs, & pines)(forks, knives, spoons) etc…

Loves survival shows,
and is most interested in snakes, alligators, and sharks.

We have also began a hands-on water study.
This week was on the fluid shape of liquid.

Learning our way through the Liberty Kids series.
This brings up many discussions, and makes me realize he is paying attention.

He’s been getting real life experience at the dentist.
Sadly, this includes some upcoming dental work.
Fortunate for us, he’s seems to be quite the trooper

“Is our heart really heart shaped?”
No, not really.
“So, how does get Jesus get into our heart anyways?”
By the Holy Spirit.
“I bet God can hold our house with his pinky!”
Yes, and someday, you can ask God how far space really goes!
*Every night Bryson tells me he loves me all the way past the stars to the end of space.

Music awareness-
piano lessons
Also went to a local concert to see The Coats.
Daddy’s cousin Keith is one of the amazing talents in this a cappella band!

Foreign Language-
casually has both Spanish and French spoken to him,
randomly mind you as we wouldn’t want him to think they were lessons.

So you see my friends, homeschool is not always full of roses.
Sometimes kids fuss and whine and “don’t wanna do school”…

Well that’s just fine then, cuz we will just enjoy LIFE.

And yeah, it’s great to be a kindergartener!

4 thoughts on “Kindergarten = Life School

  1. Reblogged this on Whispers of an Unintentional Wanderer and commented:
    As many of you know I have the pleasure and luxury of living with my family during this part of my life’s journey so I wanted to share a little something that my sister in law posted on her blog about how she home schools a reluctant kindergartner. BTW – when she says he fusses and complains that he doesn’t like school, this is no exaggeration. I think you can hear him “all the way past the starts to the end of space.” 🙂

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