Takin’ Care of Mama- end of week 2.

Success comes when we live a healthy lifestyle rather than choose a diet.



Including the family in my journey is important to me.
Retraining the poor eating habits is needed.

Many of us have begun juicing;
others are adding more fruit and a bit more veggies to the plate.



Been walking our hill.  Not much of a choice around here.
Either you go up, then come down
you go down, then come back up.

Chanelle has been hill walking with me.  My pace is improving so I am hopefully not slowing her down to much now.  We do have a lovely lake across the river that is fabulous to walk around.  We choose that on the week end to change our pace and our muscle memory.  It is a longer walk than our hill.

Hill walking:  2.4 miles daily average
Lake walk: 3.5 miles

Total mileage

week 1:   8.6
week 2: 12.2

Journey with Jesus

This week was focused on prayer.  Daily prayer, but also spontaneous prayer.  Like when you think about someone, or read that post on f/b where you know someone is struggling, or hear of some tragedy on the news, or get that text for prayer.  Trying to act on prayer immediately, rather than “I’ll pray for you” with the intention of remembering later that night.   Prayer is powerful; God is good.

Fruit of the Spirit focus-of-the-week:


trying to see the goodness around my on a daily basis. 
Implementing how to share the goodness of God by caring about others.
Goodness is the display of love.
It is the part of our personality that allows us to do the right thing. 
To show integrity and compassion to our fellow man.

How will you display goodness this week?

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