L.I.F.E. Academy~ backyard lessons

deer feb 2014


We had a visitor one morning…
headed straight into our woods.


Along with Mr. Squirrel who camouflages quite well in our front yard.



Sent the kids on a hunt to find a variety of greens in our backyard.

Fir, cedar, & pine seems to be the common ones.

This week we will dig a little deeper into some details;
pinecones, seeds, insects, and watch for any signs of spring.

Gun Safety



Little boys, the woods, & BB guns;
just what childhood memories should be made of. 

and what the rest of our week looked like


TJ (16) sneaking in his math studies early in the mornings this week.
We bumped him back into Algebra after taking a few weeks to review the basics.


Katie-girl (12) spent some time making homemade pop tarts.
She drizzled them with a touch of glaze,
and they tasted fabulous!

Older Kids

We are wrapping up our study of Benjamin Franklin this week.
We have enjoyed the many facets of his brilliant personality.

We are taking the time to watch the Bill Nye vs Ken Ham debate this week.

Younger kids

We finished our 1st chapter book read aloud of the Boxcar Children.
The boys have loved it, especially because we have the woods that they can use their imagination in.  Hoping we can build a fort for them this summer!

I’ve had to separate the boys during lesson time.  Andrew needs to stay more focused and Bryson is a bit too rambunctious (to say the least).

Overall we are tweaking our schedule enough that I am going to create a new Rhythm Chart.

I also hope to share our homeschool study areas with you all soon.  I love showing that regardless of your house and circumstances, homeschooling can be an option.  We have moved 5 times in 5 yrs and all our school areas (in our home) have been greatly different.  Until then… have a beautiful week.

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