A Formal Kind of Week End

Valentine’s Day


Valentine sweeties-
Nick and his girl.
Her away for her second year of college;
him working through his apprenticeship program;
they are making the relationship work.

She came down to surprise Nick for Valentine’s Day.  Came to our house before he got home from work, and left clues for a scavenger hunt all over the house.  I think it was more fun because he is not a fan of surprises, and she knows his humor.

As for the rest of the family, we are not big Valentine celebrating kind of folk.
I made my hubby’s favorite cookies (Snickerdoodle);
he brought me home Chinese food;
we invited our oldest son and his wife to join us and spent the evening playing games with the kids (all ages) and watching the Olympics.
I *heart* family!!

Winter Blast


TJ (16) was invited to a winter formal at the local Christian school by a friend from his soccer team.
The dance was actually scheduled for last week end, but interestingly enough, as with the dance title “Winter Blast”, the dance got cancelled due to all the snow we got, thus the dance landed on Valentine week end.  TJ is not a fan of pics, but he got through them.

Dinner, Dance, & Bowling

The dinner was a formal vegetarian dinner.  My boy is a meat eater.  He survived.

As for the actual dance, the other students learned a few dances in their P.E. class;
however, TJ was pretty confident he could just wing it.
He was right.

TJ in the front of the line dance.
TJ in the front of the line dance.

For those that know TJ, he is kind, honest, very laid back kind of guy with a twist of humor.
So when he started dancing, people oddly paused…
I think surprised that not only was he dancing,
but that he knew how.  His response about their surprise…
“It’s because I’m a homeschooler huh?” with a grin.

He ate vegetarian food, got a whole glass of lemonade spilled on him, danced, and went bowling afterwards.  Sounds like a fun evening to me!

Formally initiating our house into a home.


Building tents in the living room as bunkers,
having foam block wars,
playing board games all night,
working our way through the 8 seasons of “24”,
and playing hide-n-go seek in the dark!

Yep, we are lovin’ life!

One thought on “A Formal Kind of Week End

  1. oh man! love that pic of TJ and his date.. he looks so excited. 😉
    wonder why the vegetarian dinner? no meat?

    where was the dance. so glad he had fun! Homeschoolers can dance! Ask Josh!

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