Takin’ Care of Mama- A renewed hope.

Takin’ Care of Mama-

It’s suppose to be a journey of taking care of oneself.
To take the time to get healthy and fit; in mind, body, and spirit.

Only I seem to get sidetracked…often.
To give up, to stall, to lay aside priorities of myself.

Even to share the journey here is awkward;
the effort, the success, the struggles, and the failures.
I think my husband thinks it’s easy for me to blab my personal stuff here,
but it is not.  Takin’ Care of Mama is personal.
It’s embarrassing and attention drawing at worst,
and being noticed at best.  Either way, it’s uncomfortable.

So why share the process?  To give hope.

Just like this post did for me!
I am a Bully.
I must admit it was a convicting post,
but one that made me stop, reflect, and …
try again.

So what are my goals with Takin’ Care of Mama?

In simple terms (for now):

To get fit, stay sane, and grow in Christ.

So this week I start slow n steady.

I began walking.


Both as a daily discipline in my mornings
with my family for occasional outings.

This week the family walked a 1/2 mile up our hill to some hunting grounds.  We saw rabbit or fox holes, elk poop, and hunting trails.

As for my mornings, Chanelle and I have been hill walking every morning.  I have started with 1.2 miles and am slowly progressing from there.

I began to juice.


My husband got me a Ninja for Christmas.
Can I admit this is the first time I finally used it?
It works fabulous, btw.
It’s a little thicker (because of the pulp) than my usual juicer,
but it blends nicely.    Fresh nutrients, Mmmm.

Trying to Eat Clean


I don’t tend to get legalistic about this,
but rather strive to do this.  How?
By avoiding processed foods (knowing that it will occasionally happen anyways).
By choosing whole foods when possible.
By being aware of what chemicals may be in the foods I am consuming.

Next is my Journey with Jesus

I usually call it my spiritual triathlon; to read scripture, to pray, to worship.
Basically it just means to focus on Jesus.
Seek truth, love others, find joy.
See how that works?

Desire truth?  Read the Bible.
Want to love others?  Pray.
Seeking joy?  Worship the One who loves you.

So here I go again… (ha!  reminds me of an old 80’s song lyrics; hopefully I don’t travel so alone though).

Me & my short round self hiding with the people I love.

superbowl XLVIII

That pretty much wraps up my reality for now.

My focused scripture of the month:

The fruit of the Spirit is;
love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
gentleness, self-control.

5 thoughts on “Takin’ Care of Mama- A renewed hope.

    1. Yeah, I always use that scripture to define how to treat others, which I strive to do also… it’s a whole new perspective when applying it to how one treats them selves, eh? I am not often patient with myself lol, amongst other things.
      Lovely to hear from you Nicole; you always make me smile.

  1. Love the goals. They look a lot like mine. 🙂 Great job on the walking. That is what I need to start doing.

    Juicing is great! I try to have a green smoothie a day, but with this cold weather, I haven’t been too good about it. I feel it too. It is weird, but if I get one in during the morning I do better with food choices throughout the day. If I don’t well, it seems I make not so good choices. Must be how I start my day determines the rest of my day. *thinking out loud here*

    I love your new back yard!!

  2. Putting ourselves on the backburner is easy to do as busy mommies.. you arent alone there.

    You are doing great. small changes are more effective in the long term. Remember, A healthy Mama is a MORE EFFECTIVE Mama! 😀

    I appreciate you!

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