The Perfect Homeschool Day…

…doesn’t exist. 

We can have an ideal day.  A day that things go smoothly and well.
But my ideal day may be very different than someone else’s.

A rhythm to our days is important…


…however, this is just a guide.

My Rhythm Chart looks full, but it is simple.

In the morning (or at least that is the goal),
my older kids should get their core studies done;
Math, Read, Write.

In the morning younger kids should be getting their reading, writing, and arithmetic done also,
only it doesn’t take as long, so they also get some non-structured and structured play time,
aka delight-directed activities and table time.

If we can simply get this far in our day, I call it a success.

If we can get our family activities done in the afternoon,
such as fine arts and history and foreign language,
then it becomes a prosperous day!

add in good attitudes and best efforts…
and this becomes our ideal day!

This kind of day happens… occasionally.

Other days, a student may avoid their math lesson,
history reading is in the evening
phonic lessons are before bed because, well, it just didn’t get done yet that day.

It is easy as homeschool mom’s to get caught up in “have to’s”;
to ride the wave of guilt of all the things we didn’t get done for the day.


“we have to finish our report”
“we have to catch up with the math”
“we have to read extra today”

all to make up for a few snow days?


do we look at what was actually done?


family bonding time
campfire safety
organizational skills (because let’s face it, 8 people + snow gear = chaos)
team work (when huge branches come crashing down and need to be cleared)
math, logic, reasoning, ratios, & spelling…
~aka Trouble, Sequence, Scrabble, Go Fish, War, and Mastermind.
nature observation such as frozen spider webs (stunning), birds in search for food, and a discussion about bears and hibernation.

an ideal day for us is when we use our brains for logic, our hearts for compassion, and our bodies for good service.

What is your ideal day like?

One thought on “The Perfect Homeschool Day…

  1. I love “aka Trouble, Sequence…” etc! 😀 Games are such a fun way to learn, aren’t they? I also work well with a similar balance of rhythm and delightful rabbit trails.

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