Welcome to our backyard~ winter edition


Another angle from our deck.

We were blessed with a extended week end of snow.  It’s so beautiful!

Winter 2014- Nick TJ Bryson

Left to right; Bryson 5, Nick 20, TJ 16

Everyone had a blast!  Our road wasn’t the safest choice, but we did have look outs while they played!

Our week end was full of …

sledding & snow ball fights,
snow creams & hot cocoa,
building a snowman,
more sledding & snow ball fights,
roasting hot dogs & marshmallows by the firepit (yes, out in the snow),
and board games inside to wrap up our evenings.

Ok, and from another (real) perspective, lots of wet dripping things, tons of laundry, and scrambling to find all our snow gear in the first place.  ;^)

I love being snowed in with the family!

One thought on “Welcome to our backyard~ winter edition

  1. ME TOO! I loved it.. sad to see it go…

    we had a full on system for stripping off wet clothes, carrying them to the bathroom, setting up a heater, hanging everything to dry, to get it ready for the next round of play.

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