L.I.F.E. Academy~ January 2014

Our Rhythm Chart


Our Biblical studies


A simple scripture to store in our heart.  Matthew 5:9

We spent time this month mapping the travels of Mary and Joseph.
First from Nazareth to Bethlehem, where the Christ child was born.

Next we spent quite a bit of time discussing the need to flee to Egypt when Jesus was little.
Admittedly, I had fun with this one.  I gathered bottles of water and packaged up a few simple snacks.
I then went downstairs to make a tent and darken the room.  I assigned TJ (16) as the “Roman soldier”.
I rushed the school room where the kids were finishing some school work…
“We must hurry!  Shhh, we must flee to Egypt to keep Jesus safe!  Although it is night we still need to keep low as we travel by moonlight” as I guide the kids down our dark stairway.  As we arrive upon the tent, “we must rest and replenish”, I then pass out drinks and snacks and have the kids lay to rest for a couple of minutes.  “Quickly, gather our things, we must leave no trail of our being here.  The journey is long but we are almost there”, we tip toe through our downstairs living  room, through another dark hall and enter Egypt (Katie’s well lit room).  “Yay!  We arrived safely!”

Another day we spent time discussing the after King Herod died, Jesus (w/ Joseph and Mary) headed back to Nazareth. 

We also had our January prayer list up.   The kids do a good job thinking of things to pray for.

Our Arctic Animal study


The younger kids have learned about penguins, polar bears, & walrus’s.

The Life of Benjamin Franklin


We began our 3 month study.  We are using this book (*photo above) as a read aloud. 
We are mapping his travels, so far as a young lad;
going from Boston,
to New York,
to Philadelphia,
to London,
and heading back to Philadelphia. 
We are also listing all his accomplishments along the way;
from education to his philosophies,
from his experiments to his inventions,
and so much more in between!

We are also watching the Liberty Kids series alongside the younger kids. 
It’s a great series to bring up topics of the times. 
So far we have discussed taxes (Boston Tea Party)
and the painful truth about being flogged.

We’ve read, we’ve wrote, we’ve done some math,
all in all it’s been a good month as we get settled in our new home.

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