The Christmas Story


So we have been slowly working through the Christmas story, adding crafts as we go.
(our journey goes clockwise)

The angel appears, Mary rejoices, and Joseph and Mary head to Bethlehem …
The baby is born, the angels share the Good News with the shepherds…
and the 3 wisemen follow the star to the new born King~

Here are some other fun activities we have done the past couple of weeks


We had a Skype date with our best friends who now live in Mexico!
This has been our yearly tradition for 9 years and I wasn’t willing to give it up.

Next we needed to make cardboard box cars for our Drive In movie night at church…

so everyone helped.


The big kids taped and created…


the middle kids painted and designed…


and the littles added details.

The train and ship our ours…
the tank belongs to our good friend Dustin.

We’ve also created a lot of homemade cards this year.


such as baby Jesus in a manger…

DSC_0842 (2) DSC_0843 (2) DSC_0846

Didn’t these turn out so adorable?!!


Also, we enjoyed a week of snow!  It was amazing!
Beautiful snow, not our typical slushy muddy snow.


and this came in the mail this week!
Did I mention we are crazy Seahawk”s fans?!!

Next up:  Christmas

Are you ready?

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