Tis the Season to Be… Moving.

Yep, moving from…

Small Town, No Where
Tiny Town, No Where. 

After living in Big City, Some Where;
I couldn’t be more thrilled to live a bit more country-ish. 


We will have a bit of land as our backyard is woods.
Getting a dog will be a must.  *smile*
Our Nature Studies will take on a whole new meaning.  Gotta love that!
We also have hopes to create a fort and explore survival skills.

As for the house itself,
it is an older home than we currently live in,
but it has more rooms…

which is a good thing, because…

I am thrilled (no, I am not having a baby) to announce …

that Aunt Chanelle (my sweet s.i.l.) will be moving in with us!

It seems to be a season of changes for us all,
and this will allow Chanelle the opportunity to be closer to Grandma M,
and help her more efficiently.

And of course, I am selfish because I see the opportunity for a …
fantastic walking partner,
a fluent French instructor,
someone to practice Spanish with,
and did I mention she is a well-educated field guide?
Ah yes, many gifts she beholds to share with our beloved family.

Each season holds its own beauty,
and I intend to treasure this one.

Now for the chaotic side of things, lol,
moving this time a year is quite interesting.
We are getting past Christmas,
then hoping the snowy weather holds off until we move.

School is another factor to juggle.
I have chosen to have us take a month off.
Better to get settled and organized,
and life becomes our schooling anyways.

In seed time… learn,
in harvest… teach,
in winter… enjoy.

  ~William Blake

6 thoughts on “Tis the Season to Be… Moving.

  1. Wishing you all the best throughout the move… I think I may have mentioned before how much I hate moving? But I’m looking forward to the pictures and stories post-move of the whole family togetherness and of the new doggie (I agree: a must)!

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