November catch up~

Well, hello there.
How’s it been going?
Me?  Well, a bit busy with all our activities. 
Admittedly, I miss my time to drop in ideas, share my thoughts, and give our random family updates.

So this is just a simple recap of the past several weeks:


such as Hay Rides.


Enjoying our leaf study.


Appreciating our stunning fall weather!


Our November craft board as we studied leaves, weather, and turkeys;
along with our study of Pilgrims.  It was a fun month!


Being blessed by a fellow Robinson Curriculum homeschool mama as this was all gifted to me.  Thank you so very much, Cynthia Albright!  I think she provided a little bit of something for each of my children.  And may I just share that I have enjoyed her Memory Gems (for copywork) and Primary Language Lessons for my kids for several years now.  Essentially since beginning RC a few years back.  The products only cost a few bucks and are beyond worth the value (*no affiliate link, just my opinion).  *smile*


This would be why I haven’t had much time on my bloggy space.
Look at my house full of little blessings!


Katie-girl turned 12.  We had a mother/daughter overnight get-away!
We had gourmet desserts, went hot tubing, and did make overs.   Fun stuff!


Our 22nd Anniversary


Wayyyy too many days here since my washer died almost 3 months ago!  Atleast I have good helpers!


My first Christmas date of the year!
Black Friday with Katie, and then breakfast by 6 a.m.


Andrew turns 9.

IMG_1008[1] IMG_1012[1] IMG_1001[1] IMG_1018[1]

and a little bit of family fun to wrap up our fall season!

What did your November look like?

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