Juggling My Way Through the Journey

Traveling the narrow road means much to me.

Like following God’s will.

Some days it feels like everything is thrown at me…

and other days it seems as if everything is slow motion.

Each year seems to have it’s own busy days.

In 2008 I quit running my Day Care to enjoy my own babies.
Honestly, I had a hard time letting go of my “other” kids;
but spending some time with my own family was good.

2009 we moved from small town, nowhere, to big city craziness,
as we moved into smaller space w/ Grandma M and Aunt Chanelle.
Some stuff was tough, but we loved our French lessons w/ Chanelle.

2010 we moved to another big city to live w/ my parents.
The place was cozy, relationships flourished, and life was calm.

2011 we moved… again.  Back to small town, no where.
This time without our beloved pit, Asia,
and with much hope, had Grandma M.  move with us.

2012 Grandma M moved into a Memory Care Facility.
This is the year we had our neighbors join our homeschool journey.

2013 has had it’s own year of changes.
I began to work a few hours outside of our home.  Some months were much more hours than others.
As much as I loved who I worked with/for… I remembered why I love being home with my kids more.


My Baby who was born in 2008 is now 5.  A Kindergartener.
For 20 yrs we had a new baby an average of every 4 yrs…
Our kids are now 24, 20, 16, 12, 8, & 5.  No more babies.

But I love little people.
And I began to pray about what was my next calling.
Foster care?  Adoption?  Childcare?

For this season, foster care and adoption are not options.

However, I have currently been blessed to have a couple of littles join our day!!  Yay!

Peanut is 2.   She is so cute!
Benji is 3.  very adorable!
Both are quite precocious!!

Katie-girl loves helping!  and the younger boys are having fun too!

Some days are crazy, but it is always a joy!

Just today we headed off to the park to meet up with four friends.
Peanut’s big sissy (5) joined us because it was a school holiday.
When we got home to do our Learning Hour with the younger kids,
Shelbee joined us like always (our neighbor girl, 4),
we had another friend join us (Gunner, 5).
and then another friend stopped in (Dustin, 5) to play for a little bit,
and then Katie’s little buddy that she babysits on Mon afternoons came by (Little E, 1).
Needless to say, we had some crazy fun going on!

After everyone went home, another big kid swung by to say Hello.
I had to tell him he missed the party.  *smile*


What kind of Journey is your life taking?

One thought on “Juggling My Way Through the Journey

  1. Wow, you are a busy lady! Life’s seasons are interesting…can be bittersweet to see everyone grow up..fun, too!! My youngest is going on 2 1/2..no more babies here either. Strange after having a baby around for so many years.

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