L.I.F.E. Academy- Week 8 & 9

OUR 1st Quarter ends!


Woo Hoo!   We wrapped up our first quarter of the year.  Honestly, this is the latest we have ever had our quarter end.  However, that is part of the beauty of homeschooling.  It is flexible.

The Big Kids

The Massachusetts Colony

3 paragraph essays
topic- Mayflower

We slowly dissected Article 1 of the Constitution.

Language Arts-
reviewed articles, infinitives, & adverbs;
discussed comma usage.

International Cooking: (TJ & Shane)
Mexican, National Pizza Day

Animal Exploration: 
Doves, Bull Frogs
(yes, this is a hands on live creature adventure).

*please excuse the blurry pics.  My camera is down, so I am winging it w/ my phone again.

The Younger Kids

We’ve added a new student to our Academy.
Peanut is only 2, but she is quite precocious.
We are having fun with her,
even the boys love her being around.
On a lucky day we also have her older sister join us,
but usually she is at a private school during most days.

The Letter of the Week:  Ss

We did an all about Sunflower theme.

Learned about the life cycle of a Spider.

Made Scarecrows.

Discussed Stars and Space.

We sorted cereal, and played with stickers too!

The kinders began formal reading lessons this past week.

Andrew is beginning to be comfortable reading.  I am recognizing that it is time to delve into more interesting topics with him.

I look forward to starting our 2nd quarter.  Adjusting to some changes in the process.

I LOVE FALL!!!  It’s just finally getting cooler here, so I am hoping for another fall field trip.


We were able to hit the zoo recently.  The weather was beautiful.

How is your autumn flowing by?


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