L.I.F.E. Academy- week 6 & 7


A nature walk with some friends.

Life has been a bit busy lately.  I’ve been working in the evenings to help a friend.  As much as I love helping friends, I truly am excited to be back home with my family for my evenings!  I respect mama’s who have to work, but I was definitely meant to be home.  I am so grateful for my husband, and his willingness to work hard for our family.  Hard to imagine that it was his idea 14 yrs ago for me to stay home… and it was the best decision ever for our family.

School has been in full swing again.  Yay!!

The Younger Kids

We’ve had a steady routine of phonics, copywork, & arithmetic.
Consistency is so important in these earlier years .



We had a great lesson working with magnets.
Discovered our “silver”ware was not magnetic, but our random other spoons were.

We also had lessons All About Apples complete with taste tests, crafts, and stories.

Character lessons: 
borrowing things
How to treat books


Kinders are working on place values; ones, tens, hundreds.
Andrew is working on temperatures, time, & money.


The Kinders are beginning to use our vowels to blend with consonants such as ba, be, bi, bo, bu.
Andrew is working on his diagraphs for his letter blends such as spla, sple, spli, splo, splu.


The Big Kids

Reading about the colonization of Virginia.

Working on a report about Jamestown.

Discussed the branches of our government.
Reviewed the Preamble.

Reviewing sentences structures by identifying the core foundation of verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, and prepositional phrases.

International Cooking: (TJ and Shane)
Italian and Greek

Animal Explorations: (Katie)

Looking forward to adding science and foreign language back into our routine next week!  The last two weeks have been beautiful outside so we have been venturing out more than usual.  Gotta enjoy it while we can as the rainy season will soon close in on us!

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