Of Fall, Fun, and New Friends


Went to a local park for a nature walk.


Our new friend Gunner joined us.
Here he is showing us an acorn that was already sprouting in the ground.

…found tons of acorns.
…tiptoed up to a robin who was camouflaged in some leaves while hopping about.
…viewed a blue jay.
…saw a woodpecker go up a tree.
.. notice a  squirrel scurry through the bushes.
…climbed on mossy rocks.
…explored a creek’s edge.
…held some snails.
…discovered mushrooms (lots of them).
…and played in gravel.


This is Skye (Gunner’s mom).
Gunner and her are new to our small town community.
She has joined our science co op (which is how we met).

Skye is such a lovely young lady.
I love that she will text me randomly for play dates….
and today it was for a nature walk!
Ha!  We love nature walks, but nobody usually joins… us!
How fun is that?
Know what’s better?
ok, so I *love* the leaves, and trees, and birds, and plants, and rocks, and clouds, and some small like animals…
however, bugs and creatures are not my strong point.  I try to be brave, it just doesn’t happen, lol.
Well, Skye is awesome.   She’s talking about slug pets, and digs for the snails for the boys to hold, and wants to hunt for salamanders.
I find that super cool.  Her and Gunner are going to totally compliment our seasonal studies and nature walks!

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” ~Albert Camus

One thought on “Of Fall, Fun, and New Friends

  1. That’s wonderful! I love how God brings people into our lives like that…a gift!

    Love how you are so proactive and organized with homeschool. It’s inspiring!

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