L.I.F.E. Academy~ Week 5


Andrew (8) after several years struggling with reading is finally moving forward!  Yay!
The most precious moment is when he began to read to me from the Bible on our way to church a couple of weeks ago.
It is still a slow process, but it is a relief to see progress, and hey, if he can read the Word of God, life is good!

Younger Kids:

We only got a couple of Learning Hours in for Shelbee (4) and Bryson (5).
Still working with Shelbee (neighbor girl) on her letter sounds.
We are continuing our vowel study while practicing our penmanship.
Our Goop manner lessons were on neatness, courtesy, and generosity.

Andrew and Bryson are doing very well staying consistent with their reading lessons and copywork.

So here is a confession I stated on the Robinson Curriculum Facebook page:

We developed the bad habit of cartoon mornings during the summer.
I finally began a new approach this week to break this distracting habit…
I prep the kitchen table with a fresh activity each day that the younger kids can play with after eating breakfast;
on this day (pictured below) they colored and played Alphabet Dominoes.
Another day was a large bowl of popcorn kernels with spoons and measuring cups;
That was a big hit!  Yay!  for creativity!


ps… I am so happy to see Andrew finally hold his crayon (pencils, markers) correctly.
We have struggled with trying to avoid the “monkey grip” for a very long time.

Older Kids:

Their morning work is coming along, but we aren’t solid on our afternoon studies.

We learned there is such a thing as “Isolation Booths” aka Solitary Confinement in our schools state wide,
and not so uncommon in other states also.

We had the opportunity to watch the tail end of Ted Cruz’ 21 hr speech (watching the last 3 hours),
which in turn let us open up studies on Obamacare, er, “Affordable Care Act”.
The A.C.A. became more affordable for us by limiting our options…
We now have limited preferred providers in our area,
which includes hospital authorization in a whole different state
while NOT accepting the 3 convenient hospitals in our own area.
I suspect our rates will rise when they make us pay additional cost as they require more coverage” to provide us with better care”…
“care”, I might add that I specifically don’t want nor need. ~  ok, rant over.
And because the opposition to Ted Cruz speech kept mentioning the Tea Party,
I felt the need to explore that party’s political stand so my kids would understand it better.

Another topic we covered this past week was Common Core Educational Initiative.
We found the resource IndoctiNation to be quite eye opening, but not surprising in lieu of C.C.’s standards.

Soccer Season

CSC_0871 DSC_0881

Bryson (in the left picture, on right) and TJ (right picture) have the same stance at soccer…
it’s quite amusing.  Funny enough, they both play the same positions too- striker, midfield, sweeper.  =)

Overall we have had a great week!  and Autumn has definitely began in our little area of the world.



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