L.I.F.E. Academy~ week 3 & 4


Someone is enjoying his new chores…

What is it about warm laundry anyways?  ahhh, so comfy!

The younger boys have gotten into a really nice rhythm with their school work.


Math has been fun!

Andrew (8) is now beginning to do his math lessons on his own.
He does his copywork and math while I am doing reading lessons with Bryson (5).
Bryson loves measuring everything.  He is stuck on using the centimeters side rather than the inches side.
He began How to Teach Your Child How to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.  He knew all his sounds to the alphabet and was going around the house guessing what letter items began with so I figured he was ready, lol.  We are on Lesson 17.  I am guessing he will be a pretty good reader by Christmas.  He is like his sister, and it is coming very easy for him.


Andrew has been into drawing pictures and dictating the story for me to write.  He is quite creative.   Bryson will draw too, but he prefers to write (letters and scribbles) to me a letter that I end up having to “translate” to him what it says.  This makes me quite creative, lol.

We also began our Learning Hour for Shelbee (neighbor girl 4) and Bryson:
Pledge of Allegiance
Calendar work (date & weather)
Days of the Week
Our Goops manners lesson.
A Letter Find Tracer page (downloaded somewhere, lol, and it’s like a word find, but just for letters)
Introducing vowels and the importance of them for words.
Abeka writing (penmanship)
Abeka Crafts
Story time
Math-U-See Primer

The older kids have not found their rhythm


Katie-girl is still into learning a variety of hairstyles.
I often walk into our living room to see this ^
her sitting on a back of a chair with a squirt bottle and comb,
waiting to attack fix my hair.  She really is rather talented.

This past couple of weeks have been more about current events than formal lessons:

Egypt, Christian persecution.
Syria, the presidential address,
What a draft would entail (would women be required to be drafted too?  times have changed, right?  how far have we gone?)

Laws in our state for minors that allow children to make adult decision w/o parental notification nor permission.
(It’s quite disturbing from my point of view, and I just may have to do a post about it!)

Discussion about the 2 million Biker Rally in Washington D.C. ( which I do believe came in just under 1 million),
and the Million Muslim March (which I do believe ended up being about 20 people).

Integrity… and why it matters.

Co op also began for the older kids:

Katie is taking Bible study, PE, and Animal Exploration
TJ is taking PE, Bible Study, and International Cooking


Co op has also began for the younger kids:

Nature Science and Sign Language.
I am teaching preschool/PreK/Kinders (yes, 2-5 yr olds).
Sherry (my neighbor) and Donna (another neighbor down the street and around the corner, lol) are helping me,
which is a good thing because there is about 16 students so far.

Seahawk Sunday:

DSC_0834 DSC_0835

Brothers goofing off.
Trying to see if TJ (16) is taller than Nick (20)…
not quite yet… however…
it looks as if both of them are taller than their father!

Soccer Season:

3 kids playing this year; Bryson, Katie, & TJ!
9 practices and 3-4 games a week.

Wednesday Night “Stepping Stones” started this past week also.
This is our children’s church program.
I am teaching the Kinders and 1st graders.
T.J. is my teacher assistant.

Our homeschool year is in full swing…
next week ~>   getting back into our core studies!

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