L.I.F.E. Academy- Takin’ 2 weeks off

Us homeschoolers can do that , don’tcha know?


Joe moved out 3 weeks ago;
Preston moved out 1 week ago;
Our house is getting empty.
Look at our bonus room…
a couch, and a TV.


And TJ’s corner of the bonus room;
a bed, bookcase, and game system.
Does it get any more simpler??


Perhaps my fairly empty rather large walk-in closet??
Ha ha.  This WAS the littles playroom.
Now they finally have their own room (together, of course).


Been playing with the marble run, leggos, Lincoln logs, blocks, tinker toys, puzzles, and jumping on beds.

The older kids and I went to a SPA conference last week!


I met my long time mentor, Joanne.
and enjoyed a fellow RC mom, Barbara Besaw.
*am working on a post as a follow up of this fabulous day.  *smile*

I am also very eager to share our past week end with you!!!!!

Joe and Amber got married!  It was such a beautiful wedding!
funny enough, I have NO pictures!  gah!  hoping to borrow somebody’s very very soon.
Can’t wait to share it.

Thus we had family members stay with us from out of town.  Loved the visit!
Everyone left today.  So now I get the mundane job of catching up with laundry.  ;^)

My kids?  yeah, we are taking a school break this week also.  I am actually revamping my kindergarten plans.  I was getting too “fancy” and want to go back to the basics.  So what do my kids do with time away from school work?


Study Texas History…


Draw stories…


Learn about micro-braids,
and box-braids,
and attempt it on her own head.


and Practice body-art of course!!

How about you?  What do you do in your down time?



4 thoughts on “L.I.F.E. Academy- Takin’ 2 weeks off

    1. ha ha, funny til they go to bed that way and now we have random prints everywhere… pillowcases, my shoulder (from a snuggling little one this morning), etc. I shouldn’t complain, at least they are washable markers.

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