The Power of Prayer…


… leads they way.

Through every challenge we face, God cares.
Through prayer we open our hearts to his healing comfort,
and our minds become more clear of his amazing love for us.

My husband is a man of prayer.  His faithfulness humbles me.

You know how you run into friends,
or talk to the cashier at the store,
or go to family functions?

What is a typical conversation?

“Hey, how’s it going?”

and sometimes you get a simple “good”.

yet most times we get to hear about peoples lives, right?

Like what’s going on at home,
what challenges they face at work,
what physical ailments they may be facing,
or a possible conflict in their lives.

And if we are a decent person, we take the time to listen, right?

Not only does my husband take the time to listen, but he goes straight to prayer.  When someone is finished talking to him, he often says “well, hey let’s pray about this”, puts his arm around the persons shoulder, and prays.  Right there, any where.

We went to a Christian outreach event in our community last week.
We often volunteer our services for such things, like helping with the kids area, or set up, etc…  This year we didn’t.  We felt we were to leave ourselves open for the community, and we wanted God to lead our actions that day:

We were blessed with the opportunity to take 4 extra kids with us for the day.
Special ones whose forever family took them in and loves on them unconditionally on a daily basis.
I see God preparing our hearts for our own future adoption.

As always, we made a point to be kind to strangers that day,
never knowing just who may need a dose of Jesus’ love.

Fred also had the opportunity to encourage a neighbor of ours,
taking the time to listen to another dad who just needed someone to listen, and pray.

I was honored to hold a sweet baby during part of a concert *smile*,
as a lovely young family with many blessings joined us on the grassy fields.
We were surrounded by multitudes of children with an abundance of energy,
including our own of course.

Building 429 was amazing.  They sound better live.  and the gospel message was powerfully shared.

After this event, I found myself stirred, and more revived to just.keep.praying.

Then I saw a facebook post.  How Can I Pray For You Today?
and I saw the quick responses.

So I blessed the opportunity forward on a private group I am on with facebook,
where not only do I encourage others there, but often they encourage me.

How Can I Pray For You Today?

yes, the same phrase I shared on my blog.

and my day was completely blessed with praying for others as they shared things that were close to their hearts.
I was quite humbled at the process.  People thanked me, but truly it is but a simple task to just be willing to open your heart and pray for others.

My hopes is that YOU will bless it forward, and let people know that….


4 thoughts on “The Power of Prayer…

    1. Eyna, it begins with letting Jesus become your friend. He is someone who is safe to confide in, loves you just the way you are, and wants the very best for you. Secondly, it helps to step out of our comfort zone and ‘be the friend’. Lots of people feel lonely (most with happy faces on), but until we treat others in the way we desire or wish to be treated, we don’t have the opportunity to have a friend. What does this mean? It means we are the first one to say “hello”, we are the first to reach out with kindness… I pray that you will find that one person who is easy to talk to, that will know how to make you smile, that will help you feel comfortable just being you~
      if you would like to write me privately, you are more than welcome to.

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