L.I.F.E. Academy ~ week 1


Our younger kids learned about Flamingos this week.

We talked about how what they consume on the inside affects how they look on the outside (pink).

Well, our character lesson was easily applied to this.  How are hearts are on the inside affects how we act on the outside.  We put one daisy each in a cup w/ food coloring.

Green represents a frustrated heart
Blue represents a peaceful heart
Red was for a loving heart.

Eventually what our hearts harbor on the inside will begin to show on the outside, just like our flowers did.

The older kids got into the swing of things really quickly. 
They’ve got their rhythm down well.

For our afternoon studies we:

discussed the Pledge of Allegiance before cracking the Constitution open next week.

began our autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.  He was quite a humble fellow.

are also going through the famous quotes of George Washington’s Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior.

The grammar focus was adjectives and alliterations.

Writing was about Poetry form.  They all wrote complete work, but here I am sharing a little bit from each person, I figure that is better than sharing a similar poem 3 times, lol.


Land of…

Sandy seashores with crashing waves,

Towering trees within the forest,

Majestic mountains hiding the great vanes of gold,

Green grass growing over the rolling plains,

Rapid rivers flow on by.

                                                                      ~Shane Ruff


Land of…

Determined people,

who had the courage to fight for our freedom.

People from different parts of the land

who came together despite different races.

                                                                              ~Katie Hollinger

God bless the land of the free.

                                                                      ~ TJ Hollinger

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