The Simple Life of 8

Our oldest son, Joe 24, moved out (again) this past week end.


Relaxing back at our place after the big move.

Joe (on right) has a month to get his new home ready
before Amber (on left) officially joins him as his bride.

So excited for this new phase in motherhood.

I knew I would eventually have another daughter! *smile*

She is such a blessing to become a part of our family.

So who’s still here?

Fred and Sheri (mom & dad)
Nick 20- works full time plus as an apprentice for fire sprinkler repairs and installation
Preston 19- works full time as a mechanic, and attends college in the fall.
TJ 16- starting his junior year of homeschool
Katie 11
Andrew 8
Bryson 5

Who gets Joe’s old room?

Andrew and Bryson.
Would you believe they actually haven’t technically had a room for over 2 yrs now?
One bed in the big boys room; Bryson sleeping in Katie’s room;
toys in the downstairs office AND our walk in closet;
clothes in mom and dad’s room.
Yes, the littles just kind of have free reign here.

So as painless as moving Joe out was,
with Dad and brothers giving a huge helping hand,
I have been busy “rearranging” things.

Oh yes, I am a bit fanatic when plans start spinning in my head.
Not just setting up the younger boys room,
but having to adjust the big guys room,
then emptying my closet and our office gave us more room,
which led to me switching our school room around.

I moved around….
5 bookcases,
4 beds,
3 desks,
2 dressers,
and a whole lot of books!
Yes, this involve stairs half the time.

I sent 4 large bags to Goodwill.

I am getting us ready for school to start Monday.

and we will be counting down the days til Joe & Amber’s Wedding!!

Life is good, praise God.

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