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I think of all the subjects we homeschoolers approach, this has to be the most intimidating one.

Guess what?  It doesn’t have to be rocket science.

For us, the younger years are interest led.

Nature studies itself is just part of who we are, and what we do. 
It’s easy, not time consuming,
and helps the kids have a greater awareness around them. 

Other fun interests would be:

and yes, even rockets.

What about highschool?

Being a math/science minded person, I could go on the technical route-
back to basics- where real scientific theories start where math ends…
however, we have not gotten to the highest level of math, and I am not willing to pass a good opportunity to embrace science.  So what does that look like at home?  Can you have labs?  Why, I believe you can.

The question becomes… how involved do the kids want to be.

Here is our basic foundation for the highschool years:

freshman- biology

The study of living things.  We do not use a text book.  We simply observe all things living.
We also use field guides, encyclopedias, and nature magazines.
This particular year we focus on observing an area (or tree) for a seasonal study;
what changes take place, how does weather effect habitat.  We take note of growth and structure.

For labs:
go fishing.  yep, that easy.
We study about fish,
go fishing,
dissect said fish (while labeling the inside/outsides),
& eat it.

What better biology lesson could that be?

Also add ducks to be butchered.  yep, got friends who do that each year getting ready for thanksgiving.
Although I am not really into this kind of thing (the details of it all), it is definitely a teachable moment;
How to raise ducks.
The many purposes of ducks.
How to joint poultry (cut up the meat sections)
Anatomy of ducks (external as well as internal)
How to cook and serve duck.

Sophomore- agriculture

Cultivating land/raising crops.

We study through square foot gardening, getting the concept.
We glean knowledge from friends and family.
We work through much trial and error.

For labs:

Growing a garden is not a natural born ability;
atleast not for us!    We start from seeds, and continue to harvest (whatever that actually means, lol).

We also grow berries, fruit trees, and grapes… that tends to be more successful.

Junior- chemistry

(where we are at for this upcoming year).
We will read a few books on nuclear energy (from our Robinson curriculum)

For labs:

We will study one element on the periodic table per week.
Fridays (when applicable) we will attempt science experiments.

Senior- physics

We love Super charged Science!
It is well worth the $37 per month if you use it!!
We loved using it as a family when my oldest homeschooler was a senior!  fun stuff!
It has the lessons, teleclasses, projects, and yes,  experiments!  perfect for labs!

I think this adds a lot of excitement to their last year of homeschooling!

Did you like science when you were in school?
Do you remember it being fun?

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