How to Keep the Littles Busy

A common question from my fellow homeschool mamas.

“What do you do with the younger kids while teaching the older kids?”

Well, that’s a tricky question.  It depends on your definition of younger/older kids.

In my house we define that by readers/non readers.

This is what I have done in the past,
and will utilize again this year…


Readers do school in the a.m. , all by self-learning;.
They read, they write, they do math, and the core studies are done.

Non-readers (15 mo & up, although, obviously I do not have toddlers anymore, but it still applies to my style),
they do structured learning time in the mornings when my time is available;
they have story time followed by a crafts & activities to go with the story.
(a letter of the week is our main theme until one becomes a fluent reader around here).

Lunch Hour:

together (yes, all ages) we do devotions, nature walks, & foreign language.



History Hour- we do a history biography as a read aloud, following the journey by tracking it on our wall maps.
then review some grammar, vocab, writing skills.

Non readers:

we rotate our free time with the littles…

30 min table time-
mon-color, tue-paint, wed-playdough, etc…

30 min floor time-
mon-bristle blocks, tues-lincoln logs, wed-leggos, etc…


Readers/non readers alike:

free time/quiet time-
to play/hang out quietly in their “own” space.
Note: I did not say own room as we have 9 in our house and no one has their own room, lol.
Often this is when the younger boys like to lay in my room (with me);
to tell jokes, read nature books, and simply look out the window and discuss nature things.
(and jump on the bed, fight about which side of mom to lay by, and giggle about farts and burps…
just in case you thought it was an overly peaceful time, lol  *wink*).

chore time-
everyone helps, even littles (with mama encouragement of course).

sidewalk chalk, foursquare, bikes, soccer…
just let them play!

We often continue to play outside after dinner too.

This year I am wanting to greatly reduce our TV time in the evenings so I will be pulling out…


cards, dominoes, board gamess, hide n seek, whatever…

unless, of course, football is on, then move out of mom’s way cuz she will own the TV!  ;^)
-sad, I know, but hey, it’s true.

One thought on “How to Keep the Littles Busy

  1. It took me the first month of summer to think of organizing our schedule in a similar way. We also plan to focus on the three R’s first, followed by language and music and history/science/art projects in the afternoon. I’m glad to see success with this method so I think we will be able to do it too.

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