A Week End of Simple Memories

Dad and TJ are in Oklahoma helping with disaster relief.
Lots of manual labor, listening to hurting hearts, and tours of the destruction there.
add in fellowship, fishing, and food; and all is going well.
Miss them bunches, but oh.so.proud of them.
Serving others is a beautiful thing.


Andrew is loving roses right now.
I thought it fitting to go to the Portland Rose Gardens.
He likes red ones best.  =)

Joe and his fiance were around this week end.
Joe and I watched a good movie on Saturday.
and Sunday Amber made some great fettuccine!
top it off w/ watching bull riding and playing foursquare,
and it was a pretty good day!


Nick (who turned 20 this past week!) went to the fair with me and the younger kids.
He took his younger brothers to get an ice cream cone and the vendor gave him one for free
just for being cool enough to hang out with his little brothers.  nice.


Katie-girl worked very hard on a charcoal drawing this past spring.
She had a very patient art teacher (gotta love homeschool co ops!).
We entered her art into the fair.  This was our first time ever doing anything like this.
Well, she didn’t get a ribbon.  No 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place.
She was a bit bummed, but handled it gracefully.
Then when we went to get her work back, they awarded her a “special award”.
???  I have no clue what that means?  do you?
I thought it was like a consolation prize, ya know, so you don’t feel bad for losing.
Everybody is a winner nowadays, right?
Apparently this was a good thing?
The 1st place winner w/ a big blue ribbon gets $2.
The “special award” winner with no ribbon got $15.
I still have no clue what a special award is,
but I do know that I have one happy girl!  lol.


Bryson enjoyed the tractors, and the goats.

We ran into an old friend.  One who has 4 adopted kids.  This is the 2nd time running into her this summer.  Before that, it had been years.   I’ve been struggling with the idea of getting through an adoption process.  Back in April I had finally posted the idea of pondering domestic sibling adoption… how impossible it seemed… that only God will be able to work that out.  Yeah, so here comes along this friend who knows the system and is digging up information for me.  The rules, the exceptions, the challenges, the possibilities…  Ok God, I’m listening.

From short term missions across the states to the willingness to expand our family…
we are just simply trying to travel the narrow road one God appointment at a time.

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