Math Curriculums~

Linking up again with Highhill Education to discuss curriculum choices!

Funny thing about curriculums…
it really doesn’t matter what you use as long as you stay consistent.
They will all work if you use them.
The variables between textbooks is simply a matter of preference in style.

So, in other words…

If you like what you use, stick with it.

Our Favorites based by age groups


By far, hands on math!

Play games, such as Go Fish, War, Yahtzee, and Dominoes.

Let them help in the kitchen; measure, sort, & pour.

Make money count!   Let them sort change, pay at the check out, help read prices.

Count everything; stair steps, windows, houses on the block, steps to the mailbox.

Play hopscotch.

and for those who love creative ideas… Confession of a Homeschooler rocks!
The add it! and subtract it!  were perfect to help my aspie visually catch on to the concepts.


1st-4th grades:

Abeka Arithmetic- great colorful workbooks that have plenty of repetition at these younger ages to get their math down solid.

continue games…  dice, Speed, & monopoly.

5th -7th grades (respectively to 8th grade even):
meaning that some of my students have spent a year reviewing books and may take til 8th grade to get the core foundation down before moving on to higher math.  I don’t care about grades and levels, I care about knowledge!

Saxon Math 5/4 thru 7/6- older editions only!  Sometimes “updated” is not always “better”.
Saxon is good for self teaching.  Great for the maturing student as beginning to write your own problems down helps them to focus and pay attention to details. I’ve heard some complain about  having to write out the problems on your own sheet of paper (vs a workbook).  I am not interested in what is convenient for my child, but rather to help them develop skills that fine tune their abilities.  After all, they don’t continue to trace their letters once they know how to write them, eh?  So why can’t they write out their own numbers too?  (Don’t even get me started on calculator use before advanced math *eye roll*)

continue games…  Chess, Mastermind, and Stratego  (looking to develop strategic thinking, preparing them for higher math).

High School:

This where I let me kids make some decisions.

Math-U- See, pre al & up, is great for the visual/audio learner.

Saxon, algebra 1/2 & up, is a strong choice for the typical read-write students.

in addition… add in a finance class for practical purposes, and carpentry for fun!

With this all said… I am not a strong must push them hard through mathematics.  Personally, I love math.  I excelled quite well in high school, and love crunching numbers and ideas.  *smile*  Like I mentioned before, I am more concerned about gaining true knowledge and really understanding concepts rather than just plugging one’s way through math just to say it’s done.  My oldest homeschooler reviewed concepts quite a few times, and completed Algebra before graduating.  but what about advanced math?  If he were to truly need it in life, he has been taught the independent skills to learn it if he so chose.  Ironically, the math concepts reviewed is exactly the skills he needs in the apprenticeship program he is in now for his career choice.  nice, huh?  =)

Did you enjoy Math in school?

2 thoughts on “Math Curriculums~

  1. That’s right. If what you’re doing is working, don’t change it. That’s actually simple, but really good advice. Thanks for recommending Speed!

  2. Yip, math was my favorite subject. The kids give me the ‘look’ when I tell them it was my favorite subject. My son calls his math, Evil Math! He writes it in the margins of his math composition book. Evil Math is holding a pitchfork. LOL! It makes me laugh at some of the things he writes in his math margins. 🙂 The thing is, he is GOOD at it, he just doesn’t like DOING it. My daughter on the other hand struggles a little, so I can see where she doesn’t like math. She is the one with all the corrections. 😦

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