Last Minute Changes

I was suppose to head out of town this week!

I was so excited to visit my good friend Laurel!

Everyone else was out of town…
so I wanted to go have fun!

Joe is out of town…working.

Nick is out of town…working.

Ironically, they are around the same area, doing the same type of jobs, but with different companies.

Dad and TJ are out of town… working volunteering.

They went to Oklahoma to help with disaster relief with Fred’s boss and a few employees.

Preston (our *adopted* big kid) is headed out of town this week end.

Thankfully Joe is back tomorrow!

I am not so sure I like a empty house!

Oh, it’s not really empty.  There’s still 4 of us here…

but I had wanted us 4 to go out of town… to play!

My dear husband is not usually fond of me doing trips by myself.  He’s a bit, ummm, protective.  So when he mentioned that the car really needed an oil change, and that the tires really aren’t good enough for a trip, I told him not to worry so much.  I went and got an oil change, a new air filter, then headed to Les Schwab.  I thought “psshhtt… I’ll just have them rotate the tires, and be on my way”.  NOT.  Apparently 2 tires are not worthy of any trip.  The front right tire might of had some help from our newest driver *ahem, I won’t mention names, but I am glad he is finally learning to drive!  They actually strongly recommended I get 4 tires.    I really wanted to think it was a sales pitch, but I figure I should listen to my husband after all.  *sigh* 

Now I am stuck with 3 disappointed kids!


We went to the zoo.


It helped; 

However, Andrew is still asking when we get to see Elijah

Soon, little buddy, soon.

2 thoughts on “Last Minute Changes

  1. Just let us know when you get those tires fixed. We are ready and waiting for friends to come play.

    Laurel 🙂

  2. It’s not exactly near you, but a friend and I stopped at a wildlife park in Bandon, where we got to pet a BABY TIGER! No, really. I totally want to figure out a way to go there with you and yours. Rental minivan?

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