L.I.F.E. Academy~ curriculum choices

Yes!  It is that time of year!


Yay! for another year of adventure!

So this particular post is about what our older kids will be doing.

We are still going strong with the Robinson Curriculum as our core.

Our main subjects being covered by RC this year is:

U.S. History (1700’s – 1800’s)
The Constitution
U.S. Geography
American Literature
grammar  using McGuffey Readers
*w/ Daily Grams as extra  practice.


IEW’s U.S. History based theme.


possibly Math-U-See


Some RC, some Worldly Wise.

Foreign Language:

Tell Me More French
Tell Me More Spanish
American Sign Language


New Testament

I will be setting up this years curriculum page soon that will have more of the details.  Just sharing our outline of ideas for now.  =)

For those who would like to read more about our start with RC, read HERE.
I could write how to implement RC, but it’s already been done well HERE.

Anyone else ready for school to start?


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