I try!  really I do. 

Year after year I learn so much more about the process and the details.  Yet, we just seem to not quite flourish.


Our corn is bumping along.  Hanging in there fairly well, or so I think.

Check out this garden box!


I am gone for a week taking care of my mom, and the weeds claim victory over my garden!
Notice the pitiful snap peas on the left, and the one sun torched rainbow chard towards the back center.
Our carrots never did come up!  6 rows of them even.  *sheesh*
A box full of weeds, nice eh?!


I was so proud of my flourishing potatoes…
umm, yeah, even they are now in question.  *sigh*

DSC_0564 DSC_0566

The upside would be that our apples and apricots are hanging in there!


and this beautiful baby bloomed!!

Do you garden? 

How well does it grow for you?

Our 2010 Garden results here.

One thought on “Gardening!

  1. Gardening is frustrating at times! It depends on so many factors! We planted late this year since we are living a little further north. I am used to having an over-abundance of squash, zucchini, tomatoes, and jalapenos and things have just eeked along! We haven’t had enough heat. But, FINALLY today I went out and I have cucumbers started and green beans and it seems that tomatoes grew overnight! I might even have my first ripe one in a day or two. I thought my peppers and jalapenos were a lost cause and all of a sudden there are several on the plants. I have learned a very valuable lesson about reaping and sowing this week. God spoke to me right there in front of my cucumber plant. To me it’s more than the actual vegetables. I get some pretty amazing lessons out of it. Keep at it!!!

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