The Summer Breeze

as in…

Breeze on by!


Outside turtle sitting


*adopted* big kid visits


playing with neighbors


indoor soccer with “sister”-to-be


hefty yard work for the 5 yr old…
and why yes, he is wearing pajamas… backwards.  O_o


and plenty of good games of foursquare!

Honestly, why does summer breeze by?  I always think I need grand summer plans but in all reality, life takes over.

We’ve had park days…

a Star Wars craft day… (can you believe no pictures?)

a beach day…

Vacation Bible School…

I have also spent some time with my mom.  She had foot surgery, and is now watching for infections.  Thankfully, several family members have stepped up to help her out, and we juggle out a schedule to take turns caring for her.  This is my week.  =)

Fred & TJ will be going to Oklahoma soon to help with disaster relief.  The younger kids and I may try to visit a good friends up north while they are gone .

Joe (& Amber) are looking for a place of their own.  About 8 weeks til their wedding day.  A trip to Hawaii. Then real life begins…

Praying about when to move/where to move.  Our rental home has gone into foreclosure.  Not sure what that even really means cept that we’ll need to move at some point.  May be time to buy a house.  Found the perfect one (for us), let’s see if God agrees!

Homeschool plans are outlined, and just about ready to be shared!

Takin’ Care of Mama has flopped for the season (yeah, I am honest that way, lol)

and my garden is pitiful!  (share more later).

So how’s your summer going?

3 thoughts on “The Summer Breeze

  1. Wait… if the place you’re in is going into foreclosure, any chance you can buy it and then not have to deal with moving? (unless you don’t want to stay there… I just *hate* moving)

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