Jesus Love You; Pass it on…


How are you?  fine?

Oh good.  I’ll pray for you~

How many times in a day do we say “I’m fine”?

How often do we say “I’ll pray for you”?

I am not always “fine”?

Will you remember to pray for me?

When someone tries to open a casual conversation with “how are you?”,
I often reply “do you want a truthful answer, or a fake smile reply?”
Of course, that is half in jest and throws people off a bit.

But seriously, when was the last time you reached past “I’m fine”
to really see how someone is doing?

Do we find ourselves too busy to invest our time into other people?

I just wrote about slowing down and embracing God moments.

and in just one day, God has flooded me with opportunities.

I will be having lunch next week with a lovely lady from my church whom I really don’t know;
I want to hear her story…and her heart.

God nudged me to reach out to a young new single mama in our community;
been there, done that… and I want her to know she is not alone.

I also offered to meet up with a couple of mom’s in my state to discuss self-teaching;
so I am driving down south to meet up with women I have never met before
so that we can encourage one another in our homeschool journey.

At the grocery store, we offered to help an elderly lady unload her groceries from her cart;
It took but a few minutes but blessed her with kindness.

I have began a “facebook prayer request” list;
you know, all those brief requests out there that really mean something to the person who posted it!
I’ve decided to be intentional about praying for them.

So what are you doing to reach out?

Jesus Loves You…

Pass it on!

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