Simplify Life; Glorify God

I feel the ever pressing urge to simplify my life.


With life’s distractions, it is easy to lose focus on what one is doing with the time, talent, and treasures that God has blessed me with.  When I mentioned this on facebook, a sweet friend (Alicia) made this comment: You should totally start a “simplify your life” to glorify God class. We’ll join!!”.    Well, as lovely as that sounds, it is also a bit tricky.  We are all at different walks in life.  Different callings, different desires, different…convictions.

I decided to share my journey.  What I feel I need to do, the changes I need to make.  I can feel that God is preparing my heart for a new season.    I even mentioned to my husband that everything feels too good, too easy.  Nice.  Comfortable.  and I like it.  I am completely blessed with life as it is… cept that nudge to “simplify my life”.


 I have been trying a new approach to our finances.   We normally just kind of muddle through the bill system.  I  now have a specific plan when things get paid.  Yes, I know this is not a novel idea to most, but it is taking some of “my time” to be more intentional.

I am also clearing out much of the extra curriculum I have on hand.    Some I am selling to put in a “homeschool fund” to pay for extras like field trips and ink for my printer.  Others I am simply  blessing forward to someone who can use it.

Tithes and offerings; still intentional on who we give to, being sure to recognize that “time and talents” and not just “treasure” are certainly included in all this.


I am not a very gifted person.  I do not specifically have special talents.
I do, however, enjoy reaching out and encouraging other people.
So in a way, I could say my “talent” is in mentoring people.
I help new mama’s, new homeschoolers, teens, young ladies w/ eating disorders,
and a few friends who need help organizing their house.
Well that sounds good and all, yet am I being useful with the time I have?
I want to wisely invest my “time” in the things that God has called me to do.
That includes being selective on our extra-curricular activities.
So I am prayerfully pondering what activities we will participate in this coming school year.


Ah, Yes, to utilize one’s time in a useful fashion.

How much TV am I really watching?
Facebook?  e-mail?
Thank goodness I haven’t peeked in on pinterest yet!

How much time am I really setting aside for the Lord?
Do I wake up ready to pray?

or wonder how many e-mails I have?
What chores I need to get done?
What appointments I have for the day?
Who I need to call? write?

Blink… and half my day is gone!

Am I too busy doing stuff rather than truly spending quality time with my kids?
Am I distracted doing things rather than enjoying my husband?
To some extent, yes.

So as those smallest moments,
that I treasure,
seem to whisper by,
I want to slow down to…

embrace inquisitive conversations with my smallest child,
enjoy nature finds with my younger boy,
pay attention to my endlessly-talented daughter,
listen to the logic and humor of my 16 yr old,
create time to just hang with “the older guys”,
paying more attention to my much deserving husband.

What does your days look like? 

And my God will meet all(mine and) your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:19

3 thoughts on “Simplify Life; Glorify God

  1. I hate to break it to you, but you have many talents. You are one of the most gifted people I have ever encountered in the thoughtful, genuine way you deal with others. Your gift of patience, your gift of teaching… and your gift for not seeing yourself as gifted. But you are, sweetie, you are.

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