Our Backyard Nature Hour


Our cherries are ready!


This post is about how to get kids to do yard work with out realizing it is a chore!  *smile*

Above photo, from left to right:
pear tree (no fruit this year), cherry tree, apple tree, and a planter of strawberries.

This is a bit of a relaxing view.
Sitting on our porch step… listening for birds.
Our corn is progressing nicely, even through some recently crazy downpours!


Why are birds so hard to capture in a photo?  Just wondering….
The hummingbird mocked me.  Every time I picked up the camera it “floated” in our apricot tree to be hidden but still heard.

The grape vine seems to be doing well.  Not ever quite sure how to prune these babies?

So what does one do for a backyard nature hour?

Appreciate nature of course.

To sit…

be still…


and be in awe of God’s creation.

It stirs my heart and draws me to pray.

I find birds most fascinating.  We don’t always *see* them, but we most definitely hear them.
Often chattering amongst themselves as if we are eavesdropping.

We then pick the ripe fruit;
cherries and strawberries are abundant right now.
Apricots, apples, & raspberries are still in the works.

Next is our garden boxes.


We planted one row of beets and got 1 plant.  (on the right)
We planted two rows of rainbow chard and got 3 plants.
We planted 4 rows of carrots and have yet to see anything!
So much for our flourishing garden, lol.


The sugar snap peas are small but still productive.


The Potatoes are my favorite by far.  We are growing them in a garbage can.
It has been fun to actually see the growth.
From a foot high in the can, to adding 4 inches of dirt every few days,
until now they are full to the top!  It feels successful, lol…
that is until it is harvest season!  Who knows what we will find in there!?

Once we observe all our ‘agriculture experiments’,
we water everything as needed.

Followed by some yard work.
A quick mow of our 6′ by 12′ grass patch.
Weed the gravel (half our backyard is gravel), and the garden boxes, and the dirt patches that the garden boxes sit in.
Hey, the yard came this way… I just haven’t figured out what else to do with it!  lol

Done on a weekday basis, we are keeping up nicely.
Admittedly, dear hubby really is the green thumb
and is the support behind our attempts at this all.
He knows how to prune, de-bug, and nurture our crops best!

How do you all get your yard work done?
Is it avoided?  rushed?  or embraced?
just curious…

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