Every home needs housework done.

Every home has it’s own way to do that.

Some don’t require kids to do much (or any),
others expect kids to do most (or all).

Which do you do?

We are both, sort of.


I do ALL the laundry… for 9 people.
I prefer to do it myself.
My kids are open to help when I request,
such as “Andrew, unload the dryer”,  or
“TJ load up the dryer”, etc.
I fold, sort, and place neat stacks on each persons bed,
cept dear husband who deserves to find his clothes in his drawers.

I properly teach my kids “how” to do laundry around age 12.  After all, I do want them prepared to live on their own one day.  So why do I choose to do most of it myself?  With this many people in our home, including 4 hard-working men and their work clothes, I don’t have time for “someone else’s” laundry rotation to get in my way.  I just find it easy to go with my own rhythm.

aka personal space. 
One is to keep their own place tidy.  I am not a huge enforcer of this.  About once a week I prefer if they make an effort to clean up their space.  Usually with the intent to vacuum.  In general, no one complains, because to do so is not in their favor.  You see, because I don’t feel like I ask for much, this is the one thing that matters.  and if they balk or whine or whatever… I simply grab a trash bag and begin to insert items inside it while the child is scrambling to pick up what I haven’t gotten to yet.    Now, that being said, obviously for little people, I do not have such an abrupt approach… I will pick up the toys they are refusing to help with and it gets put up.  With both ways, the general idea is if you can’t take care of what you have, you don’t need it.


4 kids= 4 rooms
living room
dining room/entry way

We rotate weekly.   To clean and upkeep your assigned area for the week.  Ideally this would be done in the afternoon (before Dad gets home) and before bed.  I haven’t enforced this very well lately, and we will be getting back on track.  Right now, Bryson will get my assistance.  He is new to the round up.


When I feel like we (I) am sliding behind in housework, I “pull out the hat”.
I list ALL the things I think need to be done;
tidy shoe closet
dust knick knacks
mop floor
sanitize door knobs
and light switches
Any one who happens to be home gets to participate in pulling out chores until they are all done!  With ALL of us, it takes a whole whopping 30 min out of our week end.  not bad at all, eh?

Over All:

In general, I often do the deep cleaning myself.  I am mom, I am a bit OCD, I am the one who needs a shiny sink to smile at me in the morning (a sink full of dirty dishes in the morning is like screaming in my face! yuck!).  So I do the upstairs bathrooms, often sweep and mop, etc…  What I love is that if I ask for help, my kids always simply oblige my requests.  I have never had much conflict with attitude, and I mark that up to that I have a good attitude myself when doing my chores.  I like to bless the older guys with work lunches, I am grateful for dishes and dirty laundry because my house is full of the people I love.  I do have a flaw, however.  CRUMBS drive me nuts.  chips, crackers, dirt from shoes… gah!  With hardwood floors it drive me nuts to sweep, vacuum (yes the hardwood floor), and mop, then see crumbs 2 min later.  Enough to drive me nuts, lol.

In the earlier years, chores getting done was a matter of an older child willing to entertain a younger child so that I can get stuff done.  Even something as simple as making lunch.  And I would give the kids a choice, so sometimes they choose to make the lunch (or do the chore) and I got the chance to keep the littles busy and out of the way.


Now that my “baby” is 5, housework is not the juggling act it use to be.  We all can participate well together.
One child per week gets to help make one lunch and one dinner and do dishes (if I follow through with planning it with them, lol)


What are age appropriate suggestions for chores for little ones? ~J.E.  ;^)

Under 5-
to pick up ones own toys.  Particularly to learn to put something away before bringing out more.  *smile*
put away silverware (minus any sharp knives of course!)
“wipe” things.  a baby wipe, Lysol wipe, or simply a warm soapy rag.  Great for fingerprinted areas like a door or wall.
fold wash rags
help clear table
water plants
to place shoes and coat in an assign place
help load laundry baskets to take to wash room
unload washing machine to dryer (with assistance)
unload dryer to a basket
help feed pets (if any)

How do you do chores at your house?

5 thoughts on “Chores?

  1. How do you remain positive about doing just about everything? I tend to feel more like a slave in my own home as I do all the housework. I love my husband, but I hate housework, all of it. I would rather mow, clean gutters, feed the dog, just about any outdoor chore than to wash one dish or fix one meal. I think it would help if my husband would show appreciation for all that I do instead of expecting it.

    1. You are in a different season right now. When babies are small, every extra task can become daunting. Give yourself some slack while at the same time doing what you CAN do when you can do it. Prayer and open heart are bonuses. *smile*

  2. I always love when you talk about what a blessing it is to take care of your people, especially your husband. I have found myself wanting to grumble about laundry (because I don’t really enjoy it much), but stop myself and say over and over “I am blessing my family”. And I am reminding myself of it at the same time.

  3. i also am my own laundry keeper and a fellow crumb hater… we have a lot in common.

    I love that you wrote this post for me 😉 so cool to see how a larger household functions. the garbage trick, while effective, would put Ethan in a complete meltdown, wether im “putting up” toys or tossing them…but we know he’s a different case altogether..will have to think on that one..Thanks for the ideas sister!

    1. Rules my sister… rules. Your little man will live with rules. Pick a matter of fact day, and state his responsibilities in a fact like way. like…
      this is where your shoes go.
      your pj’s go in the laundry basket every morning.
      we eat at the table.
      etc.. they are rule bound (once they know that is the way it just is).

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