Summer Rhythm

Yikes!  Need me some structure ’round here!

I am/was trying to have a more relaxed approach for our summer…  O_o

I love my free-spirited homeschool mamas! 
They are so creative, and relaxed, and … adventurous? 
yeah, that’s it, adventurous! 
Me, on the other hand, I don’t “wing it” so well.

I am a box-checker, list maker,’ kind of person. 
Now, with that said, I have learned over the years that “Life Happens”.
I have evolved from a “time scheduler” to a “rhythm & flow” planner.

And apparently my 5 yr old NEEDS structure too!
5 days into our “relaxed routine” and he is a meltdown mess.  gah!

OUR SUMMER SCHEDULE is now in effect.


So I love my Rhythm Chart.  I started this 2 yrs ago when Grandma M moved in with us to help her see how our day flowed.  She never really caught on, but my kids did.  It’s great because I CAN still be flexible but have some order in my day.  I write out our typical day, and then I use POST-IT notes to add or change things in a particular week.  A great way to include appointments, play dates, etc…    If interested, last year’s school schedule is here.  and the previous year is here.

Bible Time
to pray, to read, to worship, to love, to learn, to know… who Jesus is.

Fitness Fun-
physical activity:
TJ will help Bryson develop some soccer skills.
Andrew currently *loves* tennis.
Katie will continue to practice gymnastics.
and everyone will run around with mama…
at the middles school track and field.

Nature Hour-
We will enjoy our backyard!
Observe our fruits and veggies.
Bird Watch.
Pull weeds.
Just be…

Language Lesson-
admittedly, we let our Spanish, French, & sign language slide the past 6 months.  Katie-girl requested that we could refresh what we know AND include the (younger) boys more.

aka quiet time.  *smile*
A family read aloud followed by some silent reading for the older kids (TJ 16, Katie 11), and Andrew continuing his reading lessons w/ me while Bryson listens along and practices his letter sounds.

Delight-Directed Learning-
The kids will help choose an activity to do,
often together,
but allowed to seek out individual interests too.

aka Chores.
each child is assigned a room for the week.
They are to tidy it before Dad gets home
so that we can enjoy our family-time evenings together.

FREE time-
This is when my kids are allowed screen time;
TV, computer, or video games.
Often times the kids;
go for walks (TJ),
play outside (all),
ride bikes (Bryson & Andrew),
play super heroes (Bryson & Andrew),
read some more (Katie),
write letters (Katie),
Play some hoops (all),
jump on the neighbors trampoline,
and hang out with those same said neighbors
who are also our homeschool buddies!

Family Time-
includes the simple random things of our evening;
such as…

TJ doing wood work w/ Dad, and the kids going along for the ride!


Playing board games…


Practicing our Ninja moves…


or just hanging out with each other.


How is your summer routine going?


4 thoughts on “Summer Rhythm

  1. Yeah, I didn’t last on an unplanned summer either. Which, I never really intended to beyond just an initial week of detox. We are Day 4 into our summer schooling schedule and it is going FANTASTIC! The kids are enthusiastic and we are smooth-sailing through out morning lessons so that we can enjoy our afternoons and evenings. Enjoy your more structure-filled days!!

    BTW .. We are coming out for a short trip to Portland in October. My niece will celebrate her 1st birthday, so we will be there from October 25th-28th. Hope we can meet up for lunch or something!!!!

  2. “jurisdiction” Just out of curiosity, what does Bryson do? just pick up and put away stuff on the floor?.. always looking for good age appropriate suggestions for helping around the house.

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