Summer Inspirations~

Summer!  that beautiful time of year…

full of sprinklers, popsicles, and suntans.

The answer is… YES, sort of.

The question is… Do you homeschool through summer?

I am still pondering what we wanna do…

On the one hand, to relax, just be, enjoy, etc.. sound lovely…

On the other hand, learning really never stops when homeschooling becomes a lifestyle.

Enter… unschooling.

aka… delight-directed learning.

The greatest explanation of unschooling is when you realize that life and learning are not two separate things. 

Last year I created a summer bucket list
well we didn’t even get half of it marked off!
How’s that for being real?  lol

This year I decided we will build our summer bucket list by adding what we do as we do it.

Lucky you; you get to see our random life as it is.  *smile*

Funny jokes, odd happenings, creative ideas,
and our sometimes lame attempts at what i think is a really good idea.

Basically our everyday life.

Welcome to our summer days~

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