Last Day of School 2012-2013

Today was our last day of the school year…

which means it was State Testing Day.

Did you know that the kids can now use calculators for the math section?  like… really??
Ummm, yeah,

What I really loved about this year?  not panicking about testing time.  You know, worrying about all those “gap” areas.  We have been steady and consistent with our studies overall, and I didn’t even really feel the need to review much (cept letter writing skills, because, well, we skipped over that one time and my kids bombed it, lol).    I don’t always stick to the exact course of study for the Robinson Curriculum that we use, but I always stick with the ideology of it… to read, write, do math efficiently at a self-studied independent pace…

For the younger students:
since we aren’t officially required to Test until 3rd grade, we had our own “testing” day…


We tested our spelling and our sensory abilities at the same time.
Interesting enough,
I discovered when Andrew wrote his words out with shaving cream,
he used his left hand AND wrote clearer than he usually does…
makes a mom say “hmmm”.


Andrew also made up his own game with his little brother.  Roll a die, a take that many steps.  Who ever reaching the goal spot wins.  He adds in a variety of ways to take steps including a ninja leap, lol.  (and yes, Bryson is wearing pajamas…backwards…and yes, it is normal for around here = “confessions of the whatever mama”)

Andrew is still not interested much in actually reading books, but we still ‘tested’ him in other ways-

Counting syllables in words
beginning, middle, and ending sounds of words.
compound words
Proper Nouns
Ending Marks (punctuation)

He’s definitely headed in the right direction.

For all ages, I have complete confidence that …


Gotta love be an homeschooler!!


4 thoughts on “Last Day of School 2012-2013

  1. you inspire me. as a previously (partially) homeschooled kid, i have a desire to homeschool mine.. but doubt usually takes over and i think to myself “i cant”…. my biggest fear is that my Ethan and I would be at each other’s throats by the day’s end.

    planning to start with pre-school and work my way forward and see how we do.

    1. one moment at a time my friend, one moment at a time…
      there are some tough days, but the blessings far out weigh them!
      It’s all about God’s grace showering us in the moment.

  2. 1. How did Bryson get so growed up? We missed that happening?!
    2. Writing/grip/handedness was something that took Tony several years to sort out. I suspect he’s actually ambidextrous (for awhile he would write or draw with whatever hand was closest to the table/not holding something else). He finally settled on writing with his right hand, but with an extremely awkward lefty grip. It’s a far cry from ‘normal’, but he got it to work for him, for which I am thankful!

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