L.I.F.E. Academy~ End of the School Year


Dance Recitals~


Nature Studies~


Took the (younger) boys bowling... for their 1st time.

They thought it was great!!

Our Formal Studies are pretty relaxed right now. 

We usually do our year end test by mid May which wraps our year;
however, this year we don’t test til the end of the month.

Our days consist of :

Math Tests for review. 
I find this an easy way to find gaps in their learning for the year.
Apparently, we didn’t do much with the metric system this year… hmmm.

Grammar review.
uh, yeah, one year we overlooked the basic letter writing knowledge (of all things?),
so we are reviewing random things like that.

Finishing Treasure Island.
Our weather has been a bit blustery and dreary lately;
perfect weather for a pirate adventure, eh?

We are still reading and praying our way through Jesus Freaks.
Awe-inspiring, and very humbling.
Also praying for much this month;
friends, parents, marriages, young mama’s, young men, missionaries, and the like…
Andrew(8) is praying that Grandma and Grandpa can come live with us someday.
We are also praying about getting Grandma M to move closer to us.
Options are limited out here, but we are keeping our eyes opened.

The garden is very wet, but going well… so far.
Fruit trees are still questionable.
Cherries are great, but some bug/parasite seems to like our apricot tree??
ugh!  We “treated” it, but it doesn’t look like it is making a difference?
On the upside of things, I was blessed with Hummingbird Feeders for Mother’s day;
cool little critters to watch!!

~fine arts, foreign language, & history are set aside for now. 
Already excited to set up next years plans.  *smile*

and summer?  oh.yes.  We will share our summer ideas soon~

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