L.I.F.E. Academy~ 3 things learned

We are wrapping up our school year.  2 weeks to go!

With that said, I am linking up with Highhill Homeschool to share upcoming lesson plans~

…linking up as we speak, lol, but I have a hiccup in my lack of technological abilities.
I put her button on the side of my blog (don’t ask me how, it was a random attempt to add it to this post, lol)
in which I will simply hyperlink her blog when I follow her schedule.  

The topic of today:

Lessons Learned!

Looking back at our year, we had several changes to the rhythm of our days:

We’ve had one teen move out to have another move in.
The neighbors joined our homeschool adventures. 
We joined a co op and a homeschool group. 
I started working a few hours here and there. 
I had a random surgery this past winter followed by some flu bugs going around. 

#1)  BASICS are BEST

Reading, wRiting, & aRithmetic~
if we can get these core subjects done, then it is a great day!
This is the foundation of anything else we may desire to learn.


Ever have a topic or subject that you just don’t have a handle on so you try everything?  Not only spend the money on a curriculum to help, but continue to try one thing after another looking for that secret formula?  Yeah, I’ve done that with reading programs , and writing programs to boot!  Guess what I found out?  Basic is Best!  surprised?  yeah, me either.  For reading, just read.  For writing, just write.  Time, consistency, and effort = success.


Do you let your kids pick what they get to learn?  Do you encourage their interests?  If so, how do you find time to fit it all in?

My boys are pretty laid back.  They bump along learning what ever I put on the books, so to speak.  Once in awhile they express an interest in something, and I jump on that bandwagon!  For my oldest, it was guitars, rugby, and welding.  Another son, it was all.about.soccer.  Currently my ds 15 personal interests are Krav Maga (martial arts), soccer, fishing,  & BBQ’s.

My daughter, as posted previously, has a multitude of interests.  Because of the pure amount, I let her loose to learn.  (note: after the basics).

Other passions as a family include Spanish, French, sign language, gardening, survival skills, current events, & our relationship with Christ;
there is no way to get around these things but to be fully involved!!

We have many personalities fit into one family, and we share our interest with one another.

At least that is what this family does.  =)  and I consider it a relational lesson learned.

So what 3 things did you learn from your school year?

3 thoughts on “L.I.F.E. Academy~ 3 things learned

  1. Thank you for this. I enjoyed reading this and about your daily schedule. We take the summer off from homeschooling so everything we do is interest led. I would love to incorporate more of it into our school year time. My son has many interests and does extremely well exploring them on his own. He has thoroughly researched sprouting different types of seeds and proceed to grow everything possible under the sun. He recently asked me to purchase a coconut at the grocery store. I think I could easily do interest led learning with him.

    My daughter on the other hand is quite different. She loves crafts and spends nearly all of her free time creating. She is very talented, but I fear doing only interest led learning with her will limit her opportunities when she becomes an adult.

    So I like your reading, writing and math approach and this year may make the education program my son and daughter follow even more different from each other.

    Thank you for writing this and linking to Highhill Education.

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